Access Control Systems in Portland, OR

Do you need more protection on your business besides a standard lock? Access control systems have a variety of ways to let only people with credentials into your business. From hand print readers to key code pads, access control systems are the future generation of security.

We can install any access control system you need for your business, usually on the same day.

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Choosing the right Access Control System really depends on how much security you want for your business. Obviously fingerprint or hand print readers are going to be the most exact in only letting certain people in, but will also be the most expensive. Having a keypad with a pin will be the least costly, but could allow anyone with the pin number to tell someone who does not belong in the building. In between these two is the key fob, or card reader, which will allow you to input the employees information and only let them gain access if they have their card. Whichever system is right for you, you should only hire a local, trustworthy Portland  locksmith company to perform this service for you.

Access Control Systems for Better Protection

Access control systems have flexibility and scalability. As they are designed to suit each enterprise, you can really count on it to solve the security challenge in your commercial property. Whether you have a big or small scale business, it does not matter. The access control system helps to give better protection so you can have control from one single system.

They Allow

Access control systems allow you to have a door system that is totally secured. It requires codes or a card to make it open. The standalone device is widely used in commercial buildings to provide a more secure workplace.

The Access Control System Solution Includes:

– Motion detectors
– Keypads
– Door controllers
– Etc.


The installation of this control system has to use advanced technology to design a seamless working system. For a sophisticated result, an expert is needed for this system to be properly installed. For an enterprise scale building, people prefer an access control system to replace the traditional locking system. This is a great solution for an efficient and much more secured area for rooms to keep vital documents or safe deposit.

There are Wide Ranges of Systems to Install Access Control.

IP Based:

You can use IP based access for doors, or gates and card readers to provide some users access.

Browser Based:

There is software that can be browser based and can easily be managed by certain programming. The scalable installation is practical.

Managed Access Control:

This system helps you to manage the access control locally without hassle. It also reduces the cost of maintenance.

Visitor Access Control:

The access control system can also provide visitors of your company limited access to the office room. It comes with a simple tracking number with badges so you can also keep statistics on how many visitors come each day and which areas in your company they are accessing during the visit.

Complex System

Although this type of access is the most complex system to install, it provides the most convenience and most secure system for your office. To install the typical system, you need to hire a professional service. Contact the technical support section and ask for the budget to install. Generally, they will come and inspect your place and suggest the appropriate access control systems.