Acura is the luxury subsidiary of Honda Motor Co, Inc. These types of cars are great for anyone looking for luxury without the hefty price tag, but how do they rate when it comes to security? Since 1998, almost every car they have produced comes with a standard transponder system. This system is designed to make it more difficult for your vehicle to be stolen. Inside both laser and transponder keys is a chip that relays a code to the vehicles computer. If the code inside the key does not match what the computer has, the car will not start. This method of security helps prevent unauthorized duplication of your key.

Basic key is..

While Acura is making their newer vehicles with transponder systems, models before 1998 are more likely to have a basic key. A basic key is usually a plain metal key that does not have a chip and therefore does not need to be programmed. These keys are the easiest to cut or duplicate and can generally be made within the hour. Basic keys are the cheapest of all 3 types, but offer less security than transponder or laser cut keys.

Transponder keys are..

As we mentioned before, transponder keys come with a chip inside that “talks” to the car’s computer. These keys are cut the same way as a basic, but need to be programmed in order to unlock or start your vehicle. If you’re unsure whether you have a basic or a transponder key, you can generally tell by the casing on the top of the key. If the casing is thick, it is most likely a transponder key. Call us if you need an Acura car key replacement.

Laser cut keys..

Laser cut keys offer the most security and are quickly becoming the standard for Acura. These types of keys are cut into a sidewinder or dimple pattern, offering the most protection available on the market today. They also come with a transponder system but because of their unique cuts, they are virtually impossible to duplicate without the right tools and machinery. These cuts are completely unique, so that even the same model cars will have different keys every time.

No matter which key you have, our expert locksmith team can cut or duplicate a new Acura car key replacement for you on the spot.

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