Audi’s standards

Audi is one of the leading luxury vehicle brands in today’s market. With over 20 models and a KBB rating of 7.6, it’s no wonder why these cars are great for anyone looking for a German luxury vehicle. These cars offer style, value, and security that matches even the most expensive cars, and their keys are some of the highest grade possible as well. Since 1998, these cars have come standard with an immobilizer system to help prevent your car from being stolen.

Audi is older than 1996?

If your Audi is older than 1996, chances are you have a basic key. A basic key is a plain metal key that does not need to be programmed to your vehicle’s computer. These keys are the easiest to make as they can be cut from either your door lock or ignition, and can typically be made within an hour on the spot. Our locksmiths are experts at Audi car key replacement and are available 24/7.

Transponder keys are cut the same as a basic key but..

Transponder keys are cut the same as a basic key but require them to be programmed to your car’s computer. This entails cutting the key to the cuts from your ignition and then, using a programming machine, ensuring the code inside the computer matches the chip inside the key. This process takes longer than creating a basic key. Transponder keys are designed to immobilize the ignition if the code does not match, making it harder for your key to be duplicated without authorization.

Audi’s newer models use a dealer only FOB key

Audi’s newer models, however, use a dealer only FOB key. This type of key greatly cuts back on car theft as only a dealer can cut and program your key for you. These keys come in either a sidewinder or dimple cut pattern, and are designed to be completely unique from any other key. This added security is one of the main reasons Audi is a leader in the finest security available to the vehicle industry.

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