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Locking up the house on vacation

Leaving the house any time soon? It’s always a good idea to lock your house up tight to not only protect against burglars but also discourage any would-be thief. Here are a few good ideas to keep in mind when preparing to go out of town for an extended period of time. By visiting or […]

Why New Homeowners Need to Do Rekey

When you first bought a home, you are definitely excited and you start planning your move and probably the renovations that you are going to do on your new abode. This is typical since owning your own house can truly have you beaming with pride for your accomplishment. Before you start But before you start […]

Modern Locksmith Companies – How Are They Different Now?

The status and reputation of locksmith companies are built by two important things and one of them is how long the group reacts to someone’s call and resolves the problem. A lot of things have changed through time and nearly all things have become modernized and much more efficient. Looking back, locksmith services were only […]

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Locksmith

Locksmith services are considered the most important things when we talk of security at any given time and place. There are various types of services that can be enjoyed like car security, protection for your office and services that cater to your residential locksmith needs and problems. The thing is, emergencies can happen any time […]

Portland Beware of Locksmith Scams

Locksmith companies all over the world are offering highly demanded services that generally relate to installing and using different kinds of security systems, from the usual key locks to the more advanced e-locks and biometrics. The most common kinds of locksmith services include residential, automobile, emergencies, industrial, and commercial locksmith; all of them requires various […]

Best Exterior Entrance Locks for Residential Houses

If you always leave your house empty when you go to work, school or for whatever reason, you are probably looking for exterior entrance locks that can truly protect your property. There are a lot of locksets that you can purchase but not all will do great in keeping burglars from entering your home. Thus, […]

Choosing the Perfect Locksmith Service in Portland

Have you just bought a brand new home or have signed for a lease on a unit in Portland? For sure, the previous owners or residents have left you the keys to its locks. But are you sure that they have really given you all copies? Portland, just like any other state, may not be […]

Biometrics Newest Trend in Lock Technology

Biometrics have been used for quite some time now as mean to safeguard properties and other assets, but they have been too pricey for residential us. They have been widely used only in government offices and other extremely high security apps. Through the years, costs have finally come down and technology has improved its electronics. […]

Why Hire a Commercial Locksmith When You have a Business

If you have a business, it is best to hire a commercial locksmith than a residential one. It may sound excessive since you might think that commercial ones are far more expensive than residential ones but it really is not. You will soon realize that hiring one who is dedicated to providing services to business […]

Things You Should Do in a House Lock Out

If you are experiencing a house lock out, do not panic. You can hire a residential locksmith who can get you in your home in no time. You can also try to get into your home by yourself, which is not impossible if you know what to do. You may want to read the tips […]