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Magnetic Locks

Looking for a lock that will put any potential burglar to the test? Looking for that lock that can’t be picked, can’t be smashed, and can’t be jammed? A lock with a key that cannot be copied or mechanisms that prevent the lock from being manipulated by anything other than the key? Look no further! […]

Places to hide your key

Everyone Need A Place To Hide A Key Hiding a key somewhere outside of your home may be a good idea if you’re someone who frequently forgets or loses their keys. They’re especially helpful if you have children. However, there are always those that would relish the challenge of burglarizing your home. Which is exactly […]


Nothing will better protect your valued possessions than a safe. Even a modest safe that offers very little in way of protection but much in way of discretion could mean the difference between keeping and losing your valuables. Here are a few of the best in the business, for various different applications or uses: Keep […]

Key Rings

We think so little about this simple device that we use so frequently. Well, most of us. There are people who make their living thinking up new ways we think about this tiny piece of our lives. Here are a few of these gadgets that can be attached to your key ring to make life […]