Best Exterior Entrance Locks for Residential Houses

professional lockIf you always leave your house empty when you go to work, school or for whatever reason, you are probably looking for exterior entrance locks that can truly protect your property. There are a lot of locksets that you can purchase but not all will do great in keeping burglars from entering your home. Thus, it is best to know the best kinds so that you can make sure that you are making it really hard, if not impossible, for burglars to enter your property either by force or by picking your locks.

Best Kinds of Locks for Exterior Entrances

Locks are not made equal. Some are made for interior entrances and some are made for exterior ones. Be sure to know which are which to avoid installing the wrong one particularly in the exterior entrances since these need sturdier locks.
Here are some of the best kinds of locks for exterior entrances for residential houses. Your residential locksmith can help you choose which one to use for your house, depending on your purpose and the security of your area.

• Double Cylinder

One of the best locks that you can put on your exterior entrance is a double cylinder deadbolt. It needs keys to be locked and unlocked on both sides, meaning that you also need to use a key when locking it from inside your house.
This is a great option for lock change since the chance of successfully picking it is slimmer than a single cylinder one.

• Entrance Handle set

An entrance handle set is a locking mechanism that has both a deadbolt lock and a standard exterior handle set. The deadbolt lock can either be a single cylinder or a double cylinder. Choose this on your next lock change if you can.
A single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked with a thumb turn from the inside while the exterior side needs a key to be unlocked. This is the most common kind of entrance handle set that are used in residential houses. The entrance lock at the bottom can either be a keyed entrance one or a dummy, which has no locking function.

Want more security

But if you want more security, the entrance handle set with a double cylinder deadbolt would be a better option. This kind of lock requires a key to be locked and unlocked both from the outside and the inside. The entrance lock at the bottom can also either be a keyed entrance one or a dummy, which has no locking function.
You have to be careful with this kind of lock since you have to use a key to lock and unlock it even from the inside. This can increase your chances of experiencing house lock out or even lock in if you lose your keys. You will need to call your residential locksmith to unlock your door for you and either rekey or change your locks if you cannot find your keys.


Your residential locksmith can give you advice on how to keep your house safe when you are away. They can also give you tips so make sure to ask away when you have your next lock change appointment when you upgrade your exterior entrance locks.