Portland Beware of Locksmith Scams

locksmith scamLocksmith companies all over the world are offering highly demanded services that generally relate to installing and using different kinds of security systems, from the usual key locks to the more advanced e-locks and biometrics. The most common kinds of locksmith services include residential, automobile, emergencies, industrial, and commercial locksmith; all of them requires various skills.

How to choose

When picking the best locksmith to cater to your needs, you would want to get somebody who is well respected and with a good reputation for high quality locksmith service. Choose one with several years of experience and someone you can really trust. You can give them a call anytime, and they should arrive promptly to your office, home, or anywhere to help you.

Avoiding a Scammer

It seems like you would really have to call a locksmith at some point in your lifetime. But how will you know if the person or company you are talking to is reputable and not a scammer? You should know that not all cities are requiring a license for locksmiths to be able to operate. Make sure you have checked your city’s requirements first before looking for services. Legitimate locksmith groups may likewise use similar or related names to somehow improve their status in local directories. Listed below are some important tips from the experts on how you can avoid locksmith scams:

Proper Identification

Beware of locksmiths who answer phone calls using generic words or phrases such as “locksmith services” instead of mentioning their specific company name. If they cannot easily give you their business name, then it is best for you to just look for another group. Once a residential, auto, or commercial locksmith arrives to your place to rescue you and your car, ask for a proof of identification. If applicable, look for a business license. Again, know if your city is requiring a license for locksmiths. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Reliable Directories

Majority of professional and registered locksmiths will come to you with an “identified” vehicle. A lot of scammers are using different aliases to look like a local company in directories across countries. Be sure to use only reliable directories and referral sites when looking for a professional locksmith.

Fees and Other Charges

Ask for a price quote before embarking on the project, including emergency fees. Ask if they are adding charges for things like emergency calls, minimums, mileage, and more before you allow them to perform the work. Others will charge you more than what is necessary and you can no longer complain because the locksmith service has already been rendered. If the fees posted on their website do not match the free quote via phone call, don’t allow them to do the work.

Skills and Expertise

If you are trapped outside, be careful of groups that insist on drilling or substituting the lock upfront. Professionals are skilled enough to unlock any doors. These are some of the most important tips you can follow to get rid of scammers. Remember, the reason why you are hiring locksmiths is for security reasons. Be protected against them too! Choose wisely!

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