Biometrics Newest Trend in Lock Technology

biometric lockBiometrics have been used for quite some time now as mean to safeguard properties and other assets, but they have been too pricey for residential us. They have been widely used only in government offices and other extremely high security apps.

Through the years, costs have finally come down and technology has improved its electronics. Biometric locks are now made affordable by a professional locksmith. They are starting to make a headway into residential use. In fact, these are now a common locksmith service and are now also applicable on smart phones and other modern gadgets. These security measures make use of fingerprints, eyes, and more.

How Does It Work?

At the heart of any of these biometric locks are the mechanical parts that operate the bolt, handle, and the fit and finish. These parts must be at least as safe as the whole package. Manufacturers and brands may differ as to other additional features. Others will use fingerprint reader with push buttons or backup touch while the rest use key override.


Those who use the first technology and combination will most likely yield a higher percentage of protection. Aside from the fingerprint, you will likewise be asked to key in a code that includes 6 digits. Biometric locks for home use are normally being operated by batteries. It is the software of the security system that makes a particular brand or locksmith service stand out.

What are the features of biometric locks?

  • You can register as much as 100 users
  • Log in and log out time are recorded
  • Temporary user codes are available and this can only work for a specific period of time; perfect if you have guests for a few days or more
  • If it uses Bluetooth, you can control it using your personal home wifi
  • You can also open locks using your smartphones

Biometrics Versus Conventional Locks

Aside from the use of advanced technology to grant access to security locks at home, this is much more convenient because you don’t have to worry about the need to bring your keys with you all the time and the possibility of losing them. With just a quick and easy scan of your fingerprints or retina, access can be granted.


It is on these features that manufacturers and a residential locksmith can defend their fees for the locks and installation process. As the cost of this new and advanced technology continues to go down, expect more and more companies to improve their features so as to be reasonable to charge additional fees once more. These kinds of security system will continue to evolve and later in Biometric locks will be the only items people will use worldwide. Remember that among the most important part of any security system would include the provider and of course the user. Residential Locksmith and users are the brains of any lock. Choose a reputable locksmith in your area and maintain the locks very well as owners.

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