Magnetic Locks

Looking for a lock that will put any potential burglar to the test? Looking for that lock that can’t be picked, can’t be smashed, and can’t be jammed? A lock with a key that cannot be copied or mechanisms that prevent the lock from being manipulated by anything other than the key? Look no further! Capital has introduced a new lock that is as difficult to crack as it is interesting to look at. Their new Magnetic Cam lock is a system that operates using magnetic combinations.

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Benefits Of Magnetic Locks

The lock cannot be picked or bumped as there is no keyhole. The absence of a keyhole also helps keep the locks sterile making it ideal for hospital applications. Additionally, the locks are tested at temperatures near absolute zero to insure that the body cannot be simply frozen and shattered. Keys cannot be copied as they are one of a kind and are paired with one specific lock.
Other magnets will not work on the lock. Capital tests its locks on large industrial magnets just to make sure. The locks are resistant to glue and dirt so they never jam or get stuck. The lock itself barely protrudes from the door making it discrete. This lock is ideal for mailboxes and filing cabinets.

The Conclusion

There are numerous other magnetic cam locks but Capital’s unique model really puts it to the test. With one of these, you can rest assured that whatever it is protecting will remain locked and sealed until you say so.

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Places to hide your key

Everyone Need A Place To Hide A Key

Hiding a key somewhere outside of your home may be a good idea if you’re someone who frequently forgets or loses their keys. They’re especially helpful if you have children. However, there are always those that would relish the challenge of burglarizing your home. Which is exactly why you should avoid hiding your keys in the most obvious spots: Under door mat or flower pot as that is the first place people will look, in those cheap fake rocks with the hollow inside as they don’t work unless you have multiple rocks that look similar, and they too are the first or at least second place people will look, your wallet as it may get lost your stolen (imagine someone obtaining your driver’s license with your address on it and the key to your home), or on the frame above the door as that is a place many will think to check and the key itself is not secure there. Ford car key

Some Options

Here are a few of the best places to hide your key outside your home: in a magnetized box under your car. These are helpful because you can also hide spare car keys in addition to your home key and not a lot of people will think to or take the time to check under your car for keys. Hide your key in the AC unit. No one will think to open your control panel to look for a spare key. The same goes for your BBQ grill.

You could hide your key under the dog house. I guarantee no one will look there. Depending on what kind of dog lives in the house, attaching the key to its collar might also work. So long as your dog doesn’t have a weakness for processed meats. If your home is brick, chances are there are some faults in the mortar, in between two bricks where you can hide a key discreetly. If there is a tree on your property you can cut out a small area of bark that fits your key then cover with the bark piece you cut out. Flag with a nail so you can find it again if you need. There are also DIY faux bird houses that are specifically designed to hide your keys in.

Just A Recommendation

We strongly recommend exchanging keys with a neighbor. But in case that doesn’t suit your situation, there are various brands devoted exclusively to producing fake sprinkler head key holders as well as fake exterior electrical socket safes. If you’re selling your home you could leave a key vault on the door but keep the key hidden elsewhere. Should anyone accept the challenge and manage to break the key vault they will find no reward. In case a key vault is out of your price range you can put together a key ring with dozens of fake keys that don’t work on your door, and hide the right key in there. Just add something that will distinguish it from the others but not so much that just anyone could spot it.

There are also other options that potential burglars would not think about. Some hide their key on wind chimes on the property.One internet user who happens to have a refrigerator in her garage, painted the inside of a mayonnaise jar white and hid the key in that. If you have vinyl siding on your home, you may find a piece that lifts enough to slip a key underneath. You can also hide a key by removing a screw on your license plate. Place the screw between the car and the plate and insert the screw back in through the plate and the opening in the key.

If you are really into DIY, you can take a rock from your yard and glue it to the top of a pill bottle and bury it back in the ground among similar rocks. You can also attach a piece of Velcro on your key and hide it virtually anywhere. We recommend the top side of the inside of the bottom part of the rain gutter on your home.

There are also various home automation door locks and security systems that we discuss in some of our other blogs. We recommend checking them out.






Nothing will better protect your valued possessions than a safe. Even a modest safe that offers very little in way of protection but much in way of discretion could mean the difference between keeping and losing your valuables. Here are a few of the best in the business, for various different applications or uses:

Keep Your stuff Safe

The internet company Bim Bam offers a series of food-inspired safes that discreetly and convincingly hide in your refrigerator. They offer the Bread Safe for around $79 and the Head of Lettuce Safe for around $99. You have to see them to believe how convincing they are. There are also a variety of fake wall outlet and ventilation ($5-$35) safes that aid in hiding valuables in places thieves will not look. Other options include the candle safe ($35), surge protector ($20), closet light ($15), wall clock ($16), and surge protector safes ($20). You can also purchase safes that come disguised as various household items such as books, hairspray, soda, detergent, etc for around ($15-$20). If you need to hide your guns, there are Mantel Clock safes and picture frame safes from $35-$60 depending on where you look.

Looking For A Safe

Now, if what you are looking for is more in the way of traditional safes, there are plenty of options for you as well. One option is a magnetic car entry safe. These are usually constructed using solid steel and are accessed by swiping a magnetic strip equipped card. The doors cannot be pried or pulled off. Some even interface with your smart phone to alert you of any changes to or in the safe. The safe can be securely attached to your floor to prevent it being taken in its entirety. There are also variations that use bio-metric scanners to grant access upon providing a fingerprint. These are particularly great because they are more difficult to break into and do not require you to memorize pass codes.
One of the coolest and most discreet safes are called auto-lifting floor safes and do exactly what you think. They lift up from the floor when activated and open with a 4-digit code. While in the floor, it is surrounded by concrete to prevent access from below the floor.
For students, one of the handiest safes to have would be the Dormvault Laptop Safe ($50-$120) can be attached to a wall, floor, or piece of furniture and can safely store your laptop computer and still have space to include other small items like a wallet or phone. Great for when those dorm parties happen and any number of strangers come waltzing through your place.
If you’ve moved past your collegiate days but still need a level of security for your valued possessions, there are drawer safes that can offer as much protection as a conventional safe but does not attract as much attention. And if you have the money there are numerous custom safes to protect virtually anything that you want protected.

Key Rings

We think so little about this simple device that we use so frequently. Well, most of us. There are people who make their living thinking up new ways we think about this tiny piece of our lives. Here are a few of these gadgets that can be attached to your key ring to make life easier.

Always Loosing Keys?

Do you lose you keys often? We recommend trying a key ring finder! Tile and Cobra Tag are cost comparative ($80, Tile is a little cheaper depending on where you buy it from) and offer the same service: providing you with the exact location of you keys on your smart phone. However, Cobra Tag offers an additional service: if you lose your smart phone but still have your keys, just push the sensor and your phone will ring!
For those of you that are outdoorsy, we recommend the SporKnife ($13) which is a Swiss army knife-like key chain which provides you with a flip out spork or the Ring tool Multi-Tool Key chain ($28) which is exactly what it sounds like. If you plan to carry your keys with you while camping you should also consider the Glow Fob ($25) which is a reusable glowing light which allows you to silently locate your keys in the dark. The Fire Stash ($7) is a tiny lighter than discreetly hangs on your key-chain until you require fire. We also recommend the Lil’ Piggy Power Bank ($36). This handy device can recharge your ipod or iphone using a solar panel. Downside? It can take as long as 18 hours to fully charge your phone…Other devices that work with your phone are the Hijack Headphone splitter Keychain which lets you split the output of your device to two separate headphones. When not using it, close it up for discreet storage on your key chain.
If you travel frequently you may consider a Pocket Stash ($10) which allows you to carry a discreet amount of cash on your key chain just in case you need it. Hopefully you never do.
For those of you more technologically inclined, we recommend the LaCie ItsaKey USB Flash Drive ($15). It’s a cool design, fits nicely on your key ring and comes in 4, 8, and 16gb sizes and works on both Macs and PCs. Additionally, we recommend the Vanguard MCC 42 Key chain Memory Card Case ($9) which lets you carry up to six SD cards. Just for fun we also urge you to consider the Micro Spy Remote ($15) which lets you sneakily operate your television.
If you spend all your time at the office we would recommend the Telepen Telescopic Key-chain Pen ($10) which is a pen that collapses to hang on your key-chain unnoticeable. Furthermore, there is also the Laser Projection Keyboard Key which takes up a substantial amount of space on your key ring but also projects a laser keyboard to allow you to interface with your smart phone or computer. Unfortunately, the company which produces them is out of stock but several can be found on the internet. local locksmith Portland oregon

Locking up the house on vacation

Leaving the house any time soon?

It’s always a good idea to lock your house up tight to not only protect against burglars but also discourage any would-be thief. Here are a few good ideas to keep in mind when preparing to go out of town for an extended period of time.

By visiting or calling your local post office, you can arrange to have them hold your mail for up to 30 days at no cost. This will prevent any packages or valuables traveling by mail from simply being left on the porch and picked up by some curious pedestrian. We also recommend you put a stop on your newspaper delivery as to prevent any build up on your door step advertising your absence.

The best thing you can do is make it look like no one is gone at all.

Turn lights on and off throughout the night. Take out the trash. Let the dog out. There are several cost-effective ways to accomplish this. You could hire a dog sitter. Someone to take care of your dog in-home. They pretty much do what a house sitter does only, you don’t have to pay for the utilities and food they consume while staying there. Also, hiring a trustworthy sitter takes time so if you choose this route, plan in advance. We’ve included some helpful suggestions in hiring a trustworthy sitter towards the end of this article.

Locking up the house on vacation

Also, in this day and age everyone uses social media, including crooks. Don’t advertise your vacations on social media before leaving town. You’re essentially advertising a vulnerable home. Additionally, we recommend against hiding a key outside your home but if you necessarily must, we recommend reading our blog devoted to all the best places to do just that.

There are also several advanced home monitoring and security systems that allow you to watch your house from your smart phone and detect what is happening in your residence 24/7. The Blink Home Monitoring System ($79-$289) uses motion detection to alert your phone when something is moving in your home. Might want to consider something else if you have pets. The Samsung Smart Things Home Monitoring Kit ($249) has a pet immune motion sensor, meaning its motion sensors aren’t activated by your furry four-legged family members. Furthermore, the Smart Things hub can connect with sensors, locks, lights, cameras, etc. It works by installing sensors in your garage, windows, and cabinets that alert you when they are opened. It also comes equipped with an outlet to control lights and small electrical appliances.

If you want any even more advanced option, Front Point probably offers your most cost-effective service but is sold in yearly contracts, usually around $35 for your first year. It provides 24 hour Interactive Monitoring, a 2-way intercom, and full home automation. Utilizing door and window sensors, motion sensors, personal security devices that alert you when one of your family members comes homes, garage door sensors, security cameras, sirens, and panic buttons the system monitors for natural gas leaks, power failures, flooding, any temperature changes, personal safety (the system will automatically alert for help in medical emergencies), carbon monoxide, and yes, fire and smoke as well as intrusion. They also offer relocation options so you can continue your service if you move.

If you’re in the market for something a little less sophisticated you might try the Withing Home Surveillance Camera ($199). It’s cute – not discreet – and monitors air quality in addition to letting you view real-time footage of your home but does not have a recording option……The Canary All-In-One Home Security Device ($175-$199) which provides video monitoring to your smart phone, monitors air quality and changes in temperature and humidity as well. If you wish to monitor the exterior of your home but aren’t fond of the ‘security camera’ look, we would suggest the Kuna Security Light ($199) which is a camera that’s disguised as a functioning porch light. It is also quite stylish so it may add some feng shui to your home. The porch light has a recording option…..

Home Automation systems

Home Automation systems are perfect for making your home seem lived in when you are out of town. These days everything can connect wirelessly to your smart phone giving you almost unlimited capability in retrofitting your last-century house into your modern smart home. Here are some of the systems on the market that will allow you to keep your home safe and will more than likely save you some extra money on your next energy bill.

The Nubryte Console ($149) replaces your light switch with a touch-screen panel. The system recognizes when you have left or entered a room and will adjust the lighting accordingly. You can also access the camera built into the touch-screen panel through your smart phone. You can also send notes to specific screens.

The Ecobee3 ($243) is a smart thermostat. You can control the temperature in any room of the house from your smart phone. You don’t even have to be in the same state. When no one is home there is no need for AC or heating. You can pinch a few pennies by regulating the temperature of your home while you’re away.

If you haven’t already bought into one the of aforementioned home monitoring systems and want instead to opt for a more conventional yet updated product, we recommend you try the Roost Smart Battery ($34.99) which alerts your phone when it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. Wally-home offers a water monitor ($299) that sends updates about your home’s water output straight to your smart phone. You can track your family’s water usage but also receive alerts when someone in your home is using water when you’re away.

MyQGarage ($30-$130) lets you remotely monitor your garage door from your smart phone. Asante ($195-$250) allows you to monitor your garage and additionally offers infrared, allowing you to check in even at night. Quirky Ascend ($90) and Garageio ($199-$219) give you the ability to give access to your garage to other people that you allow. Imagine you need a friend or neighbor to stop by your house to grab something you forgot: just open the app, add the friend and they now have access to your home. Any of these programs will alert you if your garage door is opened.

And even after all the gadgets and apps that are on the marketplace, you decide the best option is simply to hire a house sitter, we would like to suggest some helpful tips that will aid you in hiring the most trustworthy individual you can. Remember, finding a suitable sitter takes time and attention to detail so plan in advance with enough time to thoroughly vet a potential candidate. You’ll want to interview candidates and check references. Leave time for background checks if necessary. Also, make sure someone has availability the week(s) you’ll be gone.

Make sure the sitter has a way of contacting you in emergency situations. You may also want to consider putting anything of value out of sight or secured in a locked box or safe, especially weapons as they are the number one most stolen item from homes. Keep the ammo in another location. No one under any circumstance but the gun owner should have access to your firearms.

We recommend explaining to your house sitter what you are comfortable with and lay down some restrictions. You may feel comfortable allowing your sitter to have friends over or not. You could ask a neighbor to watch out for how many people are coming to your home, invited or otherwise. Let your sitter know if you do not want them in specific areas of the home or of items in the house that aren’t to be used. Inform them on your pet’s feeding schedule. If this is a new hire, it may be helpful to print these guidelines out. Asking friends and family members for referrals is also a good way of hiring people with a reliable work history and some familiarity with you and your family. If you have any pets you will want to see how they react with the potential house sitter.

We hope that whenever you decide to take that much needed vacation that you take into consideration some of the suggestions we make. We hope that you never experience a burglary but are confident that if your home is put to the test, that it will pass the challenge.

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