Car lock re-key service can help you change the locks on your car in case you’ve lost the key, it’s been stolen before, or if someone has the key that you don’t want driving the vehicle. While car locks weren’t really designed to be re-keyed like residential or commercial locks, it is still possible, depending on the type of vehicle you have. Car lock re-keying usually entails taking off the panels, disconnecting the wires, taking apart the lock and putting new wafers in to match a different key. Because of this extensive process, it is usually cheaper and faster to replace the entire lock or create a new key for the vehicle. But, if you are sure you just want to re-key the locks, we can do that for you!

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Most locksmith companies will not even bother with trying to re-key your locks and will simply sell you new locks or cut you a new key. This is due in part to the extensive process, but it also has to do with the fact that the technician may not know how to even re-key a car lock, or may not have the right tools and parts to do so. At Local Locksmith Portland Oregon, we will go over all of your options with you and let you decide which service will be right for you. We will never try to up-sell you, and our highly trained locksmiths are fully capable of re-keying almost any type of lock on the spot. Anytime you need car lock re-key service, call us today!

Car Lock Re-key

Car doors and their locks might seem a matter for professionals when it becomes necessary to do some alterations or repairs, especially with today’s’ modern locks and anti-theft systems. However, it is something that anyone can do at home with some tools of the trade and preparation.  You will be particularly motivated to do so if you have lost your keys, because this means that someone can get into your car at any time. The best solution is to get prepared, read some guidance on the steps to take and get it resolved without investing in expensive professional help.

Take Off the Door Lock and Mechanism Within

When you take of the lock and mechanism within, you will see that it has a certain pattern for the key you used. You can change this pattern, assuring that old key will no longer be able to work in this mechanism.

Prepare Your New (Blank) Key

You should get new (blank) key that will be cut to match the new pattern, you have set up in the first step. Put the new key in the mechanism and mark on it (with a pen or some other marker) the exact location of every tumbler, because this is where the new key will be cut.

Do the Cutting on the Key

Now that you have marked where you should cut your new key, get a Dremel (or files typically used by jewelers) and cut the exact pattern in the key. This is the step where you have to work slow, and often check that you exactly follow the pattern, otherwise your key might jam and not work at all.

Testing the Key

Now that you have cut your key, check that the tumblers are completely aligned with the tumbler plugs outside edge. When you are sure that everything is perfectly adjusted, put the mechanism back together and test the key. If you have carefully followed the previous steps, your new key should work just fine. If it doesn’t, you can just take the lock off again, and start once more.


When you have created a key that opens (and locks) your car door, you should re-adjust the other door locks, so that the key works in all doors. When you adjust all doors, you can put together the entire mechanism and this is the end of your work. Then you can copy your new key in any hardware store, to save some time and have a few more keys. Car Lock Re-key is good to be kept with you for any urgency.

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