It happens to all of us – we’re late for work, rushing to get everything in the car only to realize you locked your keys inside the car. While frustrating and annoying, don’t let it ruin your day – call us! Our car lockout service in Portland is available 24/7 and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Oregon requires all locksmiths to be licensed under the CCB, so make sure you call a reputable locksmith company that is licensed with them. A reputed locksmith in Portland will be neat in appearance and have markings on their vehicle signifying the company that they work for.
Being locked out of your car doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team of expert locksmiths always provide the fastest response times, lowest prices, and extended warranties to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We have locksmiths all over the Portland metro area, and we guarantee to be to your vehicle in 30 minutes or less.

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What You Should Do in Case of a Car Lockout

We have all been in this unpleasant situation: your car keys are IN the car, and you are locked OUT of it. What to do? There are several solutions for getting back IN the car, and we are presenting them here. Methods differ depending on the car model/year of manufacture, because older cars have manual locking mechanisms, while newer models come with power locks that are operated remotely. Additionally, some models come with the locking knob on the top side of the door by the window, while others come with it by the door handle. Read on to find out magical solutions for your problem!

Using a Shoelace to Unlock the Car

This might seem too easy to be true, but you actually can unlock your car with a shoelace. However, one word of caution: this way works only on mechanisms that you pull up to unlock. Unfortunately, this method only works on locking mechanisms that unlock by pulling up.
What you have to do is to make a tiny eyelet in the middle part of the shoestring, get the lace in the car door and around the door lock, tighten it around the lock and simply pull it up. You might need some time to get it done, but eventually, this will get your car lock out.

 Using a Coat Hanger to Unlock the Car

This is like from the movies, but it really works. It might take some time to practice it, but you will manage it with some practice, and it will surely save you a lot of money that you would otherwise give to a professional to get your car lock out. You need a wire hanger; you will unwind it and create a hook; get a hook in the car door where mechanism is located. There, just move hanger hook around until you get it unlocked. This method works with both vertical and horizontal locking mechanisms.

 Using a Screwdriver and a Metal Rod to Unlock the Car

A screwdriver and a metal rod will get your car opened in under a minute, but it takes gentle hand to do it without causing some permanent damage to your car interior and exterior. Be careful while you unlock your car this way.

 Using a Cell Phone to Unlock the Car

This is a method that works for cars that you unlock with a remote, and it will work if you have a cell and know where your other car key is. So, if your other car key is at home, you can call from your cell and have the person that is at home bring the reserve key close to the cell, and to press door unlock. Meanwhile, you should bring your cell close to your car door. Your car will get unlocked, despite the fact that your car key is at home, because the key signal will get to the car door through your cell phone speaker.

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