Chevy’s security vehicle

Chevy has been in business since 1911, making it one of the oldest car companies in America. This company makes a wide range of vehicles, and the security of the vehicle varies depending on the model and year. For example, a 1995 Chevy pickup uses a basic key, or non transponder key, while a 2012 Camaro instills a high security laser cut key. Almost all of the newer models, from 2010 and up, use a laser cut key. This key is designed to prevent vehicle theft and give you peace of mind in the security of your car.

Chevy’s key is typically smaller than most other

A basic Chevy key is typically smaller than most other makes and uses a V.A.T.S. system to cut the key. These types of keys are cut from either the ignition or the door lock and can generally be cut on the spot within an hour or less. Almost all models of Chevy vehicles prior to 2005 use this type of key. These keys do not require programming and can be cut on the spot. While not offering the best security, they are the cheapest key available. If you have a plain metal key, or a key with a small cover on the top, you have a basic key.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys came into play around 2007. These keys have a small chip inside of them that relays a code to the vehicles computer, disengaging the immobilizer and allowing the vehicle to be started. If the code inside the key does not match what the computer has on file, the immobilizer will kick in, preventing the ignition from turning. This system is common in most newer models to help prevent car theft.

High security keys

High security keys are becoming more and more popular in Chevy vehicles, showing up in their higher end models like the Corvette. These types of keys are laser cut to a sidewinder or dimple pattern, making it virtually impossible to steal the vehicle through conventional means. These keys also install the transponder system, but because of the way they are cut, can not be duplicated without a specific code. These keys are likely to be dealer only, but give us a call and we can tell you if we’re able to cut them for you.

Whichever Chevy car key replacement service you need, we’ve got you covered. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can cut, program or duplicate any Chevy car key replacement you may need.

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chevy car key replacement
chevy car key replacement