Re-keying your locks is the first thing you should do anytime keys change hands in a business, whether it be from firing an employee, hiring a new key holder, or selling a business. Commercial lock re-key services can keep your business secure from potential robberies and disgruntled employees, and we can re-key any lock you may have.

All of our locksmiths are fully licensed, bonded and insured by the Oregon CCB, and we’re completely mobile because we know that being closed even for an hour is not possible when you’re running a business.

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Knowing How To Chose The Right Commercial Lock Re-Key Service

When hiring a Commercial Lock Re-Key Service company, the first thing you need to look for is their reputation. In order to keep your business safe, you need to hire someone who is local, trust worthy, and capable of doing the job in a timely manner. Some companies claim to be local but are actually located across the country and will hire a contractor that they have neither met nor know if they are licensed, which is a requirement in Oregon.

They will then sell your information to this contractor and if you were to experience an issue with a lock, chances are you will not get the same locksmith back to your business even if you call the same company. At Local Locksmith Portland Oregon, we use all in-house locksmiths that we work with on a daily basis in order to gain trust and reliability with all of our customers.

What You Should Do if You Need Commercial Lock Re-Key Service

As we stated above, the first thing you should do is find a local, reputable company that you feel comfortable dealing with. Commercial Lock Re-Key Service is no joke – you are putting your business on the line anytime you hire a contractor to do your locks. This is why we constantly train our technicians on the most up to date techniques and procedures in order to quickly, efficiently, and effectively re-key any commercial lock you may have.

Our trustworthy locksmiths are completely licensed, bonded and insured, and will come to your location in a clearly marked van with our company logo and uniform so you know that you are dealing with a reputable company who will make sure your business is kept as secure as possible.

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