Why Hire a Commercial Locksmith When You have a Business

Commercial locksmith Service Portland OregonIf you have a business, it is best to hire a commercial locksmith than a residential one. It may sound excessive since you might think that commercial ones are far more expensive than residential ones but it really is not. You will soon realize that hiring one who is dedicated to providing services to business establishments would be more cost-effective than hiring someone who is not.

Locksmiths for Business Establishments

Simple lock rekey and lock change may seem to be simple tasks for all kinds of locksmiths. And they really are, considering they are licensed and certified. But these days, commercial buildings and establishments have upgraded and complicated locks and security alarms that may not be able to be repaired or maintained by a residential locksmith. Since these jobs require complex tools and familiarity with complicated alarm systems and security features, it would be best to hire someone who has dealt with these kinds of locksets and alarms on a regular basis.


A commercial locksmith is often mobile. They can provide their service quickly since they are always on the go. That being said, some of them do not have a storefront or would not provide their business address to public listings for security reasons. This can make you think that they are bogus locksmiths but you can immediately determine their business’ authenticity just by calling and asking the name of the business. You can then check the business’ name if it is listed in the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company is legitimate and reputable.

Prompt and Quick

Another great thing about hiring companies that offer services solely to businesses is that they are quite aware of their client’s time. Since they are providing lock rekey, lock change, alarm repair or alarm installation to busy establishments, they will make sure that their service is prompt and quick but smooth and error-free. This ensures that the business establishments are protected without getting in the way of business transactions particularly during office hours.

Familiarity with Modern and Advanced Alarm Systems

A commercial locksmith is more familiar with the newest and most secured alarms and locksets since they need to make sure that commercial buildings need to have industrial grade locks. Because of this, you can request advanced alarm and security systems from them without worrying whether they are able to provide the sturdiest and more secure alarm systems for your store or office.

These locksmiths are also more familiar with unlocking, rekeying, repairing and replacing locks that are not usually seen at residential houses, which would probably take more time for a residential locksmith to unlock or rekey.


Moreover, the tools used by these locksmiths are usually more advanced and their service vehicles are also often stocked up with high grade locks and alarms that they can install immediately onto your office. Ensuring the security of your business establishment is quite important as this will not only secure your property but your income as well. Thus, it is only logical to hire the best to guarantee the safety of your business.