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This is the emergency. We are the answer.

Most people in the Portland, Oregon area would require emergency locksmith services at least once in their life. This is why we always recommend that you place our number, (503) 455-4516, on speed dial. After all, you’d never know when that time will come. It could be later. We live in a world wherein locks play an important part in our life. You have locks in your home, office and automobiles. Unfortunately, there are emergency situations where you can’t open these locks and you need the expertise of a professional locksmith as quickly as possible. This is the emergency. We are the answer.

We are available 24/7

We here at Local Locksmith Portland Oregon understand the importance of being able to rely on a 24 hour service company. Most of our clients contact us for after hours service. They usually call us before or after office hours. While some of our competitors are content on offering their services from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, we understand that there’s a need for a reliable emergency locksmith company that’s available 24/7.

Simply put, we heeded the call and we’re here to provide services in the event of an emergency.

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Car Lock Out

This is very common. Don’t be embarrassed if you suddenly find yourself locked out of your car. This is actually one of our most popular services. We’ve had car owners call us from everywhere; from their home to the grocery parking lot. They’re in a car lock out situation and they don’t know what to do. They usually call us with panic in their voice because they’re under the impression that it will take us a long time to solve their problem. Imagine their pleasant surprise when we’re able to unlock their car in just a half hour or so depending on where in Portland they’re located.

It’s an emergency

This is especially helpful since people nowadays, especially in the Portland area, are always on the go. They rely on their cars a lot so a car lock out situation is never ideal especially since they have a whole day of a packed schedule. Any delay will mess up their whole day so yes, it’s an emergency.

We understand this and this is why we have a team of professional locksmiths ready to send out to help motorists gain access to their car. Just give us a call and we’ll be there ready to help you in no time.

House Lockout

We are programmed to always lock our house whenever we leave. We value our home’s security that much. Unfortunately, it seems as if whoever or whatever programmed us to do it forgot to program us to always make sure that we have the keys with us. This is why a lot of homeowners encounter a house lockout situation.

This dilemma is very common. Sometimes, it happens by accident. Some homeowners are just taking out the trash and before they know it, the door slams shut and locked behind them. Of course, they’re freezing in their robe and this is why they require emergency locksmith services.

Before we realize that we don’t have the keys..

The thing is – it’s always too late before we realize that we don’t have the keys. We leave home for the office as usual, spend the whole day working, and go home tired but excited at the prospect of finally getting some rest. Imagine the frustration of finding out that you can’t get inside your home because you forgot your keys. A house lockout situation is always frustrating and we’re here to take the frustration away.

We’re used to these situations

We’re used to these situations. A lot of homeowners have contacted us already because they were in those situations. With our help, they were able to enter their locked home even without a key. This is one of the services that we’re offering. We’re proud to offer this service because we know how useful it is. Your home is your sanctuary but it can only be a sanctuary if you’re actually inside. With the help of our trained professionals, we’ll get you inside in no time.

The Importance of a 24 Hour Service

Emergencies happen anytime. They don’t choose what time they’re going to occur. However, have you noticed how most emergencies happen at weird hours of the day? This also applies to being locked out. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths in Portland offer emergency locksmith services. We as a company would like to be available anytime our customers need our services. It doesn’t matter if you’re encountering a car lock out or a house lockout emergency. We’re offering after hours service. Of course, being a 24 hour service company, we’re also offering our services the rest of the day.

We want to be available for you exactly when you need us

We don’t want our customers to be locked out of their car at 5 in the morning while they’re about to leave for work. We don’t want our customers to be locked out of their house at 10 in the evening when all they want to do is to go to their room and rest. We want to be available for you exactly when you need us. Call us at (503) 455-4516 and we’ll answer your call. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4 am, 2 pm or 11 pm. Our team is on standby 24/7.

Why Call Us for your Emergency Locksmith Needs?

A lot of companies promote their emergency locksmith services by saying that they’re also offering a 24 hour service, but their customers find out the hard way that this isn’t really the case as they’re answered by an answering machine asking them to call back later when someone’s “available”. We have a proven track record of answering car lock out and house lockout calls 24/7. We always have someone on the phone ready to take your calls. Best of all, we have a team of professional locksmiths ready to be sent out wherever you are in the Portland area.

If you need help now, we’re the best company to call. If you need emergency locksmith services, do give us a call. We’re ready to answer your call and help you.

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