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Our Ford car key replacement service is available 24/7 to help get you back on the road in no time. Whether you have a basic, transponder, or high security key, our expert locksmith team is here to help. Ford is one of the leading manufacturers of cars, trucks and SUV’s in America. With a long standing reputation of reliable vehicles and great customer service, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular brands available.

Most Ford vehicles use a standard, or basic, key wave

Most Ford vehicles use a standard, or basic, key wave. These types of keys are cut on both sides and are typically a plain metal. Some may have a small plastic cover on the top of the key, but do have a chip inside as a transponder would. Our locksmiths can cut these types of keys on the spot and is typically done within an hour. In order to cut this key, we would take the cuts from either the ignition or door lock to ensure that it is cut to the exact specifications for your vehicle.

Basic key but require programming

Transponder keys are cut the same as a basic key but require programming in order to start the vehicle. Ford didn’t really start implementing this system until about 1998, and even then only for certain higher end models. In order to create a transponder key our locksmith would have to cut the key, then program it to the code inside of the vehicles computer. This disables the immobilizer and allows the vehicle to start. If you have a remote with your key, you have a transponder key.

High security, or laser cut keys

High security, or laser cut keys, are becoming the standard for newer Ford models. These keys are cut to a “snake” or “dimple” pattern which is completely unique for your vehicle. This design along with a transponder system offers the highest security available on the market today. These types of keys can not be cut or programmed by conventional means, which in turn deters theft much more than a basic key would.

Whichever type of key you need, our Ford car key replacement service has you covered. Call us today for service.

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