High security locks are important for all businesses. These locks ensure that no one can pick the lock, and keep your business safe from intruders. High security locks range in style and color, but all have one important factor: they have a level 1 security rating from ANSI (American National Standards Institute) which are the highest level security lock that can be installed.

We have a large selection of high security locks including Mortise, Mul-T, Medeco, and Keypad locks. We are fully licensed by the CCB and are completely mobile to better serve all of our Portland customers.

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Not all locksmith companies are created equal

Not all locksmith companies are created equal. There are some companies that boast high security lock installation, but they are not local and will actually sell your information to a locksmith without ever meeting them or verifying that they are licensed. This can cause serious issues for you as you may need the locksmith to come back out to fix something only to learn that the locksmith can no longer be found. That is why Oregon requires all locksmiths to be licensed, bonded and insured.

Our locksmiths

This guarantees that any job done can be traced back to the locksmith, and saves you time and money from hiring a different company. Our local locksmiths are experts in all types of high security lock installation, and will show up in a company marked vehicle. Our locksmiths are always neat, professional, and dressed in our companies uniform so you always know you’re getting a licensed locksmith.

Increase the Security in Your Home with a High Security Lock Installation

When it comes to safety, you can always do more to protect yourself and your family members. Thanks to modern technologies and many innovations, you always have the option to increase the security of your home or your business. A great place to start is by a high security lock installation. That solution is really cost-effective, and with them, your family, business, and everything that is truly important to you will be properly protected.

If you have locks that are old, low-quality, or rusty ones, your family or business are in jeopardy, because safety is not at the proper level. With high-security locks, you won’t have to worry anymore, because your store, office, apartment or home will be protected perfectly, and that is the most important thing for you.

Who to Call?

When it comes to high security lock installation, you will see many companies that offer these services. If any of your friends or family have already installed high security locks, ask them for advice. Maybe they will help you to choose the company. On the other hand, you can always find professional online, but do not forget to read user reviews about the company’s services and professionalism.

High Security Locks for Residential and Commercial Properties

The fact is that for many years – residential break-ins have not lowered, and you likely read and hear about new cases all the time. One of the reasons why burglars are so successful in their actions, is because the owners of the property do not have proper high security locks installed.

Regular locks are no longer enough, which is why every house or business owner must do its best to protect their property. With high security locks, you can protect your house and your business, which means you will protect your family and loved ones, and of course all your valuables.

More importantly

More importantly, when someone wants to copy the key of your high security locks, he or she will only be able to do that with special permission given by you. In many other cases, anyone can simply copy your key, and you won’t have any clue about it whatsoever.

With this safety solution, you will be able to reduce your worries, because you will be able to properly protect the things that are most important to you. Many people are choosing high security locks, because these locks are providing them safety and peace of mind.

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