Why New Homeowners Need to Do Rekey

best portland locksmithWhen you first bought a home, you are definitely excited and you start planning your move and probably the renovations that you are going to do on your new abode. This is typical since owning your own house can truly have you beaming with pride for your accomplishment.

Before you start

But before you start unpacking your things and start repainting your family room, there is one thing that you have to put on top of your to-do list – doing a lock rekey.

Your house probably has a master key that can open all the doors in your house, including the exterior entrances. And there is a high probability that you don’t know where it is and who has it. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a locksmith rekey your locks so that the master key or any spare key won’t work on your locks. This way, even if those keys fall into the wrong hands, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your house is secured.

Changing or Rekeying Your Locks

Since you are thinking about your safety on your new house, you are probably thinking to just have your locks changed instead of rekeyed. But, a lock change is not the best option especially since you just moved in and you likely just spent a fortune on your new home and your move. Thus, having your locks rekeyed would be a more logical option.

• Lock Rekey is Cheaper

Having your locks rekeyed is a much cheaper option than having them replaced. Lock sets can cost a lot of money, especially the sturdy ones. Thus, it would be more economical to just have the locks rekeyed especially if they are not damaged in any way.

You will want to save your renovation budget to have enough money for the repair and repaint jobs that you have been planning so go for this more affordable option and just have the locks changed when you have enough money.

Changing Sturdy Locks with Low Quality Ones are Not Worth It

If you are thinking of having your locks changed but do not have enough money to hire a locksmith for several lock change jobs or to buy high quality lock sets, it is best to just have them rekeyed rather than have them changed. A sturdy lock can last a very long time if maintained properly so there is no need to change them when you move in especially if the house is new or not that old.

If you think that some locks need to be changed, ask your locksmith which ones should be replaced. This will allow you to save money by not having everything replaced at the same time.

Having a new and secured home will not only feel great but will also allow you to sleep better at night, knowing your family is safe. So, make sure that you take care of your house’s exterior entrance locks and have them rekeyed before settling in your new home or doing some renovation.