Honda’s are well known for their affordability and reliability, and have been in business since 1959. Their personal brand of security called H.I.S.S., or Honda Ignition Security System, has been around since the 1990’s, helping prevent car theft by using an immobilizer. Honda has over 100 different models of cars, trucks, SUV’S and motorcycles, making them Japan’s second largest manufacturer of vehicles. Our Honda car key replacement service is available 24/7.

Basic Honda car keys

Basic Honda car keys are common for vehicles older than 1998. These types of keys are cut on both sides and do not need to be programmed. Honda has many models that use this type of including their most popular models like the Civic and Accord. Our expert locksmiths can generally cut these types of keys within an hour and have you back on the road quickly. You can tell if you have a basic key by whether or not there is a large cover at the top of the key.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys are on almost every model from 1998 and up. These keys provide additional protection from theft as they need to be programmed with your vehicle’s computer in order to disengage the kill switch (immobilizer) to be able to start the car. If the code inside the computer does not match that of the key, the car will not start and will have to be reprogrammed. These keys are also cut like basic keys and can be made and programmed typically within an hour or two.

High security keys

High security keys are becoming the standard for most newer Honda models. These types of keys also implement the H.I.S.S. system, but instead of being cut like a transponder key, they are engraved with a laser cutting machine to a dimple or snake pattern. These patterns are completely unique in that they are cut specifically for your vehicle, and can not be duplicated or programmed with a regular key machine. This added protection almost guarantees your vehicle can not be stolen using a different key. No matter which type of key you need, we can cut it for you on the spot. Call us today to request Honda car key replacement service or to schedule an appointment.

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honda car key replacement
honda car key replacement
honda car key replacement