Having your ignition stop working is almost as bad as losing the key itself in terms of frustration. Ignitions can go bad for many reasons, including worn wafers, constant use, broken pieces and more. Anytime you need ignition repair services, call us. We can repair and replace any ignition on the spot, and all of our services come with an extended warranty. Every car on the planet has an ignition, so it’s safe to assume that most locksmith companies are used to having to repair and replace ignitions. But while every locksmith company may know how to change ignitions, not all are created equal.

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As we said, not all locksmith companies are created equal. Some companies are not local, will not give you a warranty, or simply will not show up to the job at all. These companies give locksmiths a bad rap, which is what we’re trying to change! At Local Locksmith Portland Oregon, all of our locksmiths are completely licensed, bonded and insured. We have been a locally owned and operated company for almost 10 years, and we pride ourselves on the ability to always complete the job on the same day. All of our services come with extended warranties, and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured by Oregon’s CCB. When you call us, you can guarantee that you’re in good hands. Our Ignition Repair Services are the best in the city, and it’s easy to see why!

Ignition Repair: Reasons Why Your Key Doesn’t Work

The ignition key is the most vital part of a vehicle. Without it, you can’t start the engine. But if it won’t turn over, that can be a frustrating thing. There are several reasons as to why the key won’t work.

 The steering wheel is locked.

Some new and expensive cars are equipped with a double safety system. Hence, the system locks the steering wheel.

 Dirt that goes inside the key hole and system.

Debris can cause problems and may cause the need for ignition repair. You should search for obstructions by removing the key initially. You can try to clean it with dry cloth or by blowing the dust away if possible. No fluid is allowed here because when liquid enters the key hole, it could stay there and cause rust. And some modern cars have that security feature which you could be damaging when you use chemical substances to clean it.

Compressed Air

Compressed air can come in handy to clean the hole. The one you use for your laptop cleaner can be used for this purpose. Blast it slowly. You might also buy a contact cleaner that is especially designed to clean an ignition key hole. Try spraying and test it again to see if it works. Never use substances like oil or grease because it will damage the hole.

 The key is broken.

As this is the most common problem, you can find a replacement. You should inspect the damage because the ignition repair might cost more if the key is stuck inside the ignition key hole. You will need professional help for this issue.

 Ignition lock cylinder failure.

If the damage occurs in the cylinder, then ignition repair by a pro is suggested. You can actually repair it by yourself if you have the knowledge, but if you don’t want to further damage your car, it is better to call a professional and experienced locksmith and have it replaced.


Emergencies can happen to anyone. If this happens while you are away from home, without the proper equipment, it is better to get help from a professional locksmith service that will quickly arrive and fix your problem. Do not force it with things you might not be familiar with.