Anytime your key breaks off in a lock it can cause a serious security issue. Whether it be a house, business, or car lock, even having the tiniest piece stuck inside can allow anyone to turn the lock. It also prevents you from being able to stick another key inside, which can lead to more issues such as being locked out.

We have the finest key extraction services in Portland, and we’re available 24/7 to do so. Our professional locksmiths are experts at key extractions and can help you get it out of your lock in no time.

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A good locksmith will..

A good locksmith will be able to extract almost any key without having to replace the lock, however there are times when the key is too deeply ingrained in the lock and it will need to be drilled out in order to get the key removed. If you hire a locksmith who does not even attempt to extract the key, do not use their services. Many times other companies have sent a locksmith to a service only to change the lock immediately without even trying to extract it, which ends up costing you more money.

Our expert team is highly skilled

Our expert team of locksmiths are highly skilled when it comes to key extraction service, and we can cut a new key for you on the spot should you need it. All of our locksmith services in Portland metro area come with an extended warranty and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured by the CCB.

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When is Key Extraction Needed?

Tools Needed

Key extraction is needed when you have broken off a key in any type of lock. It can be really frustrating, and you should solve the problem as soon as possible in order to use the lock normally again. The problem may occur on the door lock, the locks of your car, or anywhere else where locks are present. Once the problem is there, and the key is broken, you will have to do something in order to fix the issue.

Tools required for the job are specialized.

There are many broken key extractor sets available online, and you can order it for yourself. The price is very affordable, and it is something that every household should have.

How to Fix the Problem

If you have this issue, you can fix it on your own, only if you have the proper tools as mentioned before. With the extractor set, you will be able to remove a broken key from the lock with ease. You will push the appropriate tool into the lock slowly, and the piece of key that is broken will come out. Once that happens, the lock will work again, and you will be ready to use it normally. The broken piece will just come out of the lock.

There are some other solutions using super glue, but you can run into problems, which is why it is far better for you to use proper tools for key extraction.

If You Are Not Sure How to do it, or if You do not Have the Tools Needed – Call Locksmith Portland (503) 455-4516

Of course, you always have another option – to call the experts to fix the problem. However, you should know that their service will cost you a lot more. The job is done basically in seconds, but if you do not have the proper tools for key extraction, you will have to call them. They have the equipment needed to simply pull the broken key out of the lock.

If you want to avoid the situation in which you have to pay some extra money for something so simple, make sure to get your own set for key extraction. If you even find yourself in a situation where your key is broken in the lock, you will be able to fix it on your own with the tools you have. Most importantly, you won’t have to call anyone else to do the job for you.

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