Key Rings

We think so little about this simple device that we use so frequently. Well, most of us. There are people who make their living thinking up new ways we think about this tiny piece of our lives. Here are a few of these gadgets that can be attached to your key ring to make life easier.

Always Loosing Keys?

Do you lose you keys often? We recommend trying a key ring finder! Tile and Cobra Tag are cost comparative ($80, Tile is a little cheaper depending on where you buy it from) and offer the same service: providing you with the exact location of you keys on your smart phone. However, Cobra Tag offers an additional service: if you lose your smart phone but still have your keys, just push the sensor and your phone will ring!
For those of you that are outdoorsy, we recommend the SporKnife ($13) which is a Swiss army knife-like key chain which provides you with a flip out spork or the Ring tool Multi-Tool Key chain ($28) which is exactly what it sounds like. If you plan to carry your keys with you while camping you should also consider the Glow Fob ($25) which is a reusable glowing light which allows you to silently locate your keys in the dark. The Fire Stash ($7) is a tiny lighter than discreetly hangs on your key-chain until you require fire. We also recommend the Lil’ Piggy Power Bank ($36). This handy device can recharge your ipod or iphone using a solar panel. Downside? It can take as long as 18 hours to fully charge your phone…Other devices that work with your phone are the Hijack Headphone splitter Keychain which lets you split the output of your device to two separate headphones. When not using it, close it up for discreet storage on your key chain.
If you travel frequently you may consider a Pocket Stash ($10) which allows you to carry a discreet amount of cash on your key chain just in case you need it. Hopefully you never do.
For those of you more technologically inclined, we recommend the LaCie ItsaKey USB Flash Drive ($15). It’s a cool design, fits nicely on your key ring and comes in 4, 8, and 16gb sizes and works on both Macs and PCs. Additionally, we recommend the Vanguard MCC 42 Key chain Memory Card Case ($9) which lets you carry up to six SD cards. Just for fun we also urge you to consider the Micro Spy Remote ($15) which lets you sneakily operate your television.
If you spend all your time at the office we would recommend the Telepen Telescopic Key-chain Pen ($10) which is a pen that collapses to hang on your key-chain unnoticeable. Furthermore, there is also the Laser Projection Keyboard Key which takes up a substantial amount of space on your key ring but also projects a laser keyboard to allow you to interface with your smart phone or computer. Unfortunately, the company which produces them is out of stock but several can be found on the internet. local locksmith Portland oregon