Keyless entry locks are a great way to upgrade your home security without having to add more keys to your key-chain. These locks allow you to type in a code that only you and your family would know and make it virtually impossible for someone to break into your home through the lock itself. These locks range in style, color, and security grade, but can help those who are constantly losing keys or locking themselves out. We can install any keyless entry lock on the spot, so call today!

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Keyless Entry Lock Service

Why are Keyless Locks Important?

When security is on the top of your list of priorities, reliability is very important. This is the reason why keyless entry locks are a good solution for expected standards of reliability.
New keyless entry locks are the logical advancement in already set foundations of high-security locks. Keyless entry locks combine top reliability with simplicity and also enables simultaneous additions of several doors into one locking system. Another good side of keyless locks is their minimal dimensions.

Keyless Lock Specifications

Keyless locks automatically recognize and configure their components. Functions include: 100 codes per lock, individual scaling for authorities, free choice of code names, multi-linguistic systems for users and additional qualities. Keyless locks use batteries with long life. The time of lock function can be adjusted so that you have normal timeout, alarm timeout, timeout for confirmation, timeout for a second lock, and follow-up of time when the door is unlocked. You can add programmable follow-up of clock change (summer and winter time), holidays and weekend non-use.

Master Password

This system comes with one master password, one sub-master password, one sub-master time code and 26 users. Code functions vary as follows: single mode (1 x 6-8 digits), double mode (2 x 6-8), independent double mode/connected modes, independent double mode/parallel mode, double, triple or quadruple mode, wrong entry-block after 5 wrong codes, and a code in the case of unauthorized entry (silent alarm). Other functions: one or two operating locks, automatic or hand locking, detection of unauthorized use, detection of empty battery, mistake diagnosis, recognition and presenting on screen. Alarm connections can support silent alarm, online tracking, and night alarm. Keyless locks have the following entrances: interlocking entrance, remote block, confirmation that IDS is on, and outside feed. Keyless locks work on battery or in a network.

Different Keyless Lock Models

Questor and Axessor are modular keyless security locks that can be used in a network or as independent units. They can be used whenever you need organization flexibility, quick reaction and high security. Questor is a time combination lock that has been upgraded from the regular production line and is characterized by interactive system code (ICS) that needs a patent to be used. In QTQ mode user is registered on the lock with its own identity code. ICS ensures presence at the location and generates temporary, personal and specific recognition in comparison to one-time code (QTQ). After this code is sent to central verification, the user gets a one-time code for door unlock from the center, while all entrances are recorded in order to ensure maximum supervision.

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