Lexus use high security keys

Lexus is one of most well known luxury vehicle brands throughout the world. Their superior style, comfort, and safety is what makes this brand a top of the line vehicle manufacturer. Lexus has been using high security keys in almost every single model they’ve made since 1991, which has helped prevent them from being stolen as often as lower end vehicles are. These types of keys range from a basic transponder to a dealer only FOB key depending on the model and year of the vehicle. Our Lexus car key replacement services is available 24/7.

Lexus’ transponder keys are pretty much a basic key

Lexus’ transponder keys are pretty much a basic key that needs to be programmed with your vehicles computer. While not offering as much security as their newer style of keys, they are a great deterrent from theft since the key needs to be cut to match your ignition and door locks, then programmed to match the code inside the computer. If this process is not done, or not done correctly, it will cause the immobilizer to kick in and your vehicle to be rendered useless until it is reprogrammed. These keys are typically found in older models dating from 1990-1993.

High security keys, on the other hand, are what Lexus is known for

High security keys, on the other hand, are what Lexus is known for. These types of keys are cut to a sidewinder or dimple pattern and are completely unique per car. The way these keys are cut makes it practically impossible to duplicate, and provide added protection. High security keys are also programmed to your vehicles computer to ensure that your key, and your key alone, can open or start your vehicle.

Almost every single vehicle made by Lexus uses this type of key.

Newer Lexus models, however, utilize a dealer only FOB key. This key can only be handled by the dealership which gives you the best protection possible from unauthorized reproduction of your vehicle’s key.

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