You’ve been searching for the best local locksmith Portland company. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon the very best in the business. When it comes to this business, it’s important that you deal with the very best. In addition, it’s also important that you deal with the most trusted name in the industry. You’re on this site because a trusted friend or family member referred you to us here at Local Locksmith Portland Oregon. It could also be because you were searching online for the best company and your search led you to us.

Why are we the best and why are we the most trusted? Read on as we introduce our company – Local Locksmith Portland Oregon.

10 Years Experience

Experience matters in this business. The more experience the locksmith is, the better he can be at helping you. Generally speaking, a locksmith with 10 years experience is better than someone who’s just starting out. Now, can you imagine how a company, not just a locksmith, that has a decade of experience can help you?

Our experience defines us. Being in the business for a decade, we’ve seen it all. We’ve encountered all types of issues and we’ve solved all of them. It doesn’t matter what issue you’re going to throw at us. We’re going to give you a quality service thanks to our experience.

Fast Response

It’s recommended that you deal with a local locksmith for your needs. This is especially true if you require immediate assistance. Can you really afford to wait for half a day for the locksmith to arrive? Our company, being a local locksmith company, is known for its fast response. We cater to the whole Portland Metro area and surrounding areas. We have several teams ready to send out so you don’t have to wait a long time just to be serviced.

Fast response

Fast response is important in a lockout situation. This usually happens among car owners and this is why we decided to offer this automotive locksmith service wherein we can send a locksmith to your area if you’ve locked yourself out of your car.

We’re also offering the same residential locksmith service. It’s also a popular commercial locksmith service of ours. Simply put, you can contact us if you’ve locked yourself out of your car, home or business establishment. Being a local locksmith company, fast response can be expected.

Quality Service that’s Affordable

We take pride in offering quality service. It doesn’t matter what type of service you require. You can expect top notch quality. This is because of several things. Of course, our 10 years  experience helps. Experience is the best teacher in this industry and we have years of it under our belt.

We’re also proud of the fact that we have highly-trained professionals. We’ve trained them in several aspects of this business. We’ve trained them to become effective at their work. In addition, we’ve trained them to become courteous and professional which are welcomed by our customers. We constantly train them to ensure that they remain up to date.

In addition

In addition, we’ve armed them with the right tools for the job. This helps them become more efficient. With these tools and their skills and experience, you can expect quality service from them and not be disappointed.

Quality comes with an expensive price, right? Well, not necessarily, because we’ve made sure that we have affordable services. Thanks to our decade of experience, we were able to cut down on unnecessary expenses and this allows us to pass on the savings to our customers. Besides, our goal is to help all residents, car owners and business owners in our service areas. This is why we keep our prices affordable.

Our Wide Variety of Services

Local Locksmith Portland Oregon is a one stop shop for all your locksmith needs. If it concerns a lock and/or key, we have the right service for you. Here are some of our services:

  • Automotive locksmith services

In addition to helping you enter your car if you’ve been locked out, we have a lot of other services that car owners can benefit from. A popular service of ours is when a key is stuck in the ignition or the lock. We can extract it for you without causing any damage. We can also change the locks and fix the ignition. We also work on high security keys like transponder keys.

  • Residential locksmith services

As mentioned, we can help you enter your home if you’ve been locked out. In addition, we can also help you install, replace, change or re-key your locks. We’re also a trusted local locksmith for setting up a master key and even for master key re-keying.

You’d want to make sure that your home and your family are safe and secure. We can help you by ensuring that your home has high quality locks

  • Commercial locksmith services

We can help you enter your commercial establishment if you’ve been locked out. More importantly, we can help you secure it by installing high quality locks. This can help you secure your expensive office equipment. We can even help you with file cabinet locks to protect your files.

Another important commercial locksmith service that we’re offering is panic bar repair. A panic bar is very important and it will only do its job if it’s not broken. This is why you have to contact us if your panic bar is not 100% working.

local locksmith service Portland Oregon

Local Locksmith Service Portland, OR

Our main business objective is to make the customer feel secure in knowing that the job is being done professionally at a competitively affordable rate! Local locksmith service Portland offers a comprehensive 24/7 365 day locksmith service.
We can meet all of your questions and security service needs.Whether you are a residential, automotive or commercial customer, we have the solution for you.
We are proud to drive our costs down by working directly from our vehicles. This affords us the opportunity to pass these excellent savings directly on to our clientele. This is truly a winning situation for us and for our clients.
At Local Locksmith Service Portland Oregon, we specialize in providing a high quality and personal service to many local authorities in the US, they trust our professional team and depend on our flexibility business, residential customers can be sure that the service they receive will always be of this high standard.

Local Locksmith Service Portland Oregon is A Division Of Portland Doors and Locks Guy.

Our Phone # (503) 455-4516

Our Address Is 6510 SE Foster Rd Portland, OR 97206

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We’re the company to call if you’re looking for quality service that you can afford. It doesn’t matter if it’s an emergency. Being a local locksmith, we can be there in no time. We have a wide variety of services that you can trust. Yes, we’re the company that you can trust. We’ve been in this business for a decade and we plan on being here for decades more, so contact us at (503) 455-4516 to see how we can help you with your lock and/or key issues.