Whether you need a brand new installation on a door that has not yet been drilled, or you’re looking to add some flair to your home, we can help you. Our new lock installation service is available 24/7, and is only done by our own licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths. If your door does not have a spot for a lock or handle, don’t worry! We can cut a space into any door and install a lock of your choosing on the spot. Most residential homes use a grade 2 or 3 lock, while businesses almost always use a grade 1 high security lock. No matter the style or security you’re looking for, we’ve got a lock set for you!

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Oregon requires every locksmith to pass a test and get a license before they are able to start work. You want to choose a locally owned company to ensure that this law is being upheld, because some companies will advertise that they are Portland owned when they are anything but. They will sell your information to a locksmith whom they have never met, and can not verify whether they are licensed or not. This can cause serious issues as your new lock installation service may not be covered under warranty, or you may not be able to get that same locksmith back out should you need something fixed or replaced. So call us! We are a locally owned and operated Portland locksmith company that has been in business in Portland for over 10 years. All of our locksmiths are required to be licensed, bonded and insured for your safety and ours.

New Lock Installation – You Can Do it on Your Own

New Lock Installation – Simple and Easy

When it comes to new lock installation, people often think that they must call a professional to install the new lock for them. That is not true. You should call a professional only if you do not have much free time and patience. But in most cases, it is something that you can do on your own, without any issues. It is a simple and easy task, and it does not require any special skills. Moreover, you can save some money, and instead of paying someone else, you can simply install the lock yourself. When you are moving to a new home, or if you are renovating the place in which you currently live, new lock installation is always a good idea. However, when you think about all the costs you have, it is nice to know there is something in the process you can actually do on your own. This is one of those tasks.

The Difficulty of the Task, Costs and Tools Needed

The entire task is really not too complicated. The whole process may take between one and two hours, which really is not very long. When it comes to costs, it is something you will determine along the way, because each lock has a different price tag, and you should choose something that is suitable to your style, the style of the house, and of course your budget. For the new lock installation, you need to have the proper tools, such as: electric drill, tape measure, head lamp, a screwdriver, utility knife, hammer, combination square, 7/8 inch spade bit, 1-inch chisel, 3/32 inch drill bit. If you do not have everything from this list, make sure to get it before you start with the new lock installation process.

The Benefits of Installing New Lock

Installing new locks in your home is always beneficial on so many levels. First of all, you will replace locks that are rusty and old, which will improve the security in your home. That is the most important reason why you should do it. On the other hand, new locks look great, and when something is new, you know you won’t have to bother with issues and problems, and you won’t have to repair the lock every three months. New lock installation requires a little bit of your time, some money, and patience, and will improve certain things around your house. In two hours, the job will be done, and your locks will look and work amazing.