Opening a safe can be quite tricky for those who do not know the combination or have lost the key. There are many occasions where a safe needs to be opened and a locksmith will not have the proper tools, but not us! Our company is renowned for its ability to open a safe, and we have the technology and education to open just about any safe you may have. All of our services come with our patented extended warranty, so call today!

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When you need an open safe service, you need a professional locksmith that is licensed by Oregon’s CCB. This is to ensure that not only is the locksmith licensed, bonded and insured, it also guarantees that the locksmith will not try to pull any shady stunt, such as opening it without you watching, taking something out, or saying they are not able to get into it but then taking whatever is inside. This has happened far too often so we want to educate our customers in making an informed decision when it comes to choosing a locksmith company. All of our technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured through the CCB and highly trained to provide fast, complete service you can count on.

Safe Unlock – Tips and Tricks from the Local Locksmiths Portland!

Securing your home or property can be very easy and cost effective. There are many ways and many locksmiths to help but it requires a good and experienced one to manage these things properly. Security is extremely important especially at home where your family resides and you definitely want to secure them safely with peace of mind.

Best Practice of Home Security

The most important rule at home is to tell the kids, not to open the door to an unknown visitor. This is why, many homes are equipped with double locks and also a CCTV. Or, you can also place a peep or spy hole. It is also important not to leave keys on the inside part of the door. We can’t always expect a safe, quiet neighborhood but we can always anticipate it.

Keep All the Keys in a Safe Place

It is also necessary to place keys in a safe place. Sometimes we forget to bring our key, or drop it somewhere. In these cases, you can ask a family member to take the key from the safe place. But if you don’t have spare key, and you need to call a locksmith, make sure that they guarantee a safe unlock. A good locksmith will not damage your property.
While tagging your key might be helpful, you don’t want people to know your access code, so you might want to use codes that you will easily remember. Do not write any name or address on the tag, as it may fall into the wrong hands.

Window and Door Locks Have to Fit

Windows are the access point that burglars mostly use to gain entry. It is necessary to make sure that each lock is fit. Your locksmith will usually recommend how to fit the security to every level of the house. Some states even have lock standards that every service needs to have knowledge about.

Prepare for the Worst

Chains and padlocks are strong and safe security. But you must also be aware not to place ladders somewhere near the window because people can easily make use of it to break in. Locksmith services can help you in providing your home security and a safe unlock in case something happen and you can’t open the door. Safe unlock is a method often used by professional locksmith services in handling properties, vehicles and others.