Panic bars are an extremely important factor in every business. Not only must they comply with the fire marshall’s standard, they are often used an alternative exit for most people. When a panic bar refuses to lock or unlock, it is a safety hazard as well as a security concern. There are many pieces that inside of a panic bar, and when used too often these can become worn or break. In most cases this can be repaired; for some extreme cases however, they may need to be replaced. We can install, repair and replace panic bars in a timely manner, anytime of the day.

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In order to properly repair your panic bar, you need to a hire a trusted, local locksmith. Making sure that the locksmith company is reputable is one of the main ways you can guarantee the service will be complete, fast, and not cost nearly as much as calling a big name company that is not local. There are many different things that can be wrong with your panic bar, and our local locksmiths will be sure to assess the situation correctly and fix only what needs to be fixed to save you time and money. We guarantee our work with extended warranties, and all of our locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured by Oregon’s CCB.

Importance of Panic Bar Repair

Maintenance of Panic Bars

Installing a panic bar is really quite common when it comes to commercial buildings. However, once the panic bar is installed, maintenance must be made a highpriority, because like anything else, these bars can simply break, or stop working properly. From the moment you notice that something is wrong, that panic bar needs to be repaired, which is why you need to call someone to check it out, and fix it. The best idea is to call the same company that installed the panic bar for you, but if they are not no longer in business, you should be able to find a similar company from your neighborhood. Word of mouth has always been helpful, so make sure to ask your friends and neighbors, because some of them may recommend an excellent company for you.

Purpose of Panic Bars

Panic bars are also known as crash bars and push bars, and you can see them in institutional buildings. Their purpose is to provide safety to the property, by defending it both the inside and the outside as well. These panic bars will prevent any unwanted entities from accessing certain buildings, but they are designed to open simply and quickly from the inside – especially in emergency situations. For these particular reasons, they must be installed properly, and they should always work perfectly. If that is not the case, the building will not be protected. Panic bar repair is required even if the smallest things are causing the problems. There are many possible issues, and you want to avoid them.

Panic Bar Locks

When it comes to panic bar locks, their prices are different. You can find these locks in many different sizes and designs, and you can choose something according to the needs of the building. In most cases, the reason why the panic bar does not work lies in the fact that something is not okay with the lock itself, and it must be fixed as soon as possible. The good news is that in most cases, lock problems can be successfully resolved. This is something you should not try performing on your own, because it is a bit more complicated and requires specific skills and knowledge. The best thing you can do is to call a professional to come in to check the panic bar, determine the problem, and perform the necessary panic bar repair. The job will be done fast and efficiently, and the panic bar will work properly again.