Places to hide your key

Everyone Need A Place To Hide A Key

Hiding a key somewhere outside of your home may be a good idea if you’re someone who frequently forgets or loses their keys. They’re especially helpful if you have children. However, there are always those that would relish the challenge of burglarizing your home. Which is exactly why you should avoid hiding your keys in the most obvious spots: Under door mat or flower pot as that is the first place people will look, in those cheap fake rocks with the hollow inside as they don’t work unless you have multiple rocks that look similar, and they too are the first or at least second place people will look, your wallet as it may get lost your stolen (imagine someone obtaining your driver’s license with your address on it and the key to your home), or on the frame above the door as that is a place many will think to check and the key itself is not secure there. Ford car key

Some Options

Here are a few of the best places to hide your key outside your home: in a magnetized box under your car. These are helpful because you can also hide spare car keys in addition to your home key and not a lot of people will think to or take the time to check under your car for keys. Hide your key in the AC unit. No one will think to open your control panel to look for a spare key. The same goes for your BBQ grill.

You could hide your key under the dog house. I guarantee no one will look there. Depending on what kind of dog lives in the house, attaching the key to its collar might also work. So long as your dog doesn’t have a weakness for processed meats. If your home is brick, chances are there are some faults in the mortar, in between two bricks where you can hide a key discreetly. If there is a tree on your property you can cut out a small area of bark that fits your key then cover with the bark piece you cut out. Flag with a nail so you can find it again if you need. There are also DIY faux bird houses that are specifically designed to hide your keys in.

Just A Recommendation

We strongly recommend exchanging keys with a neighbor. But in case that doesn’t suit your situation, there are various brands devoted exclusively to producing fake sprinkler head key holders as well as fake exterior electrical socket safes. If you’re selling your home you could leave a key vault on the door but keep the key hidden elsewhere. Should anyone accept the challenge and manage to break the key vault they will find no reward. In case a key vault is out of your price range you can put together a key ring with dozens of fake keys that don’t work on your door, and hide the right key in there. Just add something that will distinguish it from the others but not so much that just anyone could spot it.

There are also other options that potential burglars would not think about. Some hide their key on wind chimes on the property.One internet user who happens to have a refrigerator in her garage, painted the inside of a mayonnaise jar white and hid the key in that. If you have vinyl siding on your home, you may find a piece that lifts enough to slip a key underneath. You can also hide a key by removing a screw on your license plate. Place the screw between the car and the plate and insert the screw back in through the plate and the opening in the key.

If you are really into DIY, you can take a rock from your yard and glue it to the top of a pill bottle and bury it back in the ground among similar rocks. You can also attach a piece of Velcro on your key and hide it virtually anywhere. We recommend the top side of the inside of the bottom part of the rain gutter on your home.

There are also various home automation door locks and security systems that we discuss in some of our other blogs. We recommend checking them out.