Nothing will better protect your valued possessions than a safe. Even a modest safe that offers very little in way of protection but much in way of discretion could mean the difference between keeping and losing your valuables. Here are a few of the best in the business, for various different applications or uses:

Keep Your stuff Safe

The internet company Bim Bam offers a series of food-inspired safes that discreetly and convincingly hide in your refrigerator. They offer the Bread Safe for around $79 and the Head of Lettuce Safe for around $99. You have to see them to believe how convincing they are. There are also a variety of fake wall outlet and ventilation ($5-$35) safes that aid in hiding valuables in places thieves will not look. Other options include the candle safe ($35), surge protector ($20), closet light ($15), wall clock ($16), and surge protector safes ($20). You can also purchase safes that come disguised as various household items such as books, hairspray, soda, detergent, etc for around ($15-$20). If you need to hide your guns, there are Mantel Clock safes and picture frame safes from $35-$60 depending on where you look.

Looking For A Safe

Now, if what you are looking for is more in the way of traditional safes, there are plenty of options for you as well. One option is a magnetic car entry safe. These are usually constructed using solid steel and are accessed by swiping a magnetic strip equipped card. The doors cannot be pried or pulled off. Some even interface with your smart phone to alert you of any changes to or in the safe. The safe can be securely attached to your floor to prevent it being taken in its entirety. There are also variations that use bio-metric scanners to grant access upon providing a fingerprint. These are particularly great because they are more difficult to break into and do not require you to memorize pass codes.
One of the coolest and most discreet safes are called auto-lifting floor safes and do exactly what you think. They lift up from the floor when activated and open with a 4-digit code. While in the floor, it is surrounded by concrete to prevent access from below the floor.
For students, one of the handiest safes to have would be the Dormvault Laptop Safe ($50-$120) can be attached to a wall, floor, or piece of furniture and can safely store your laptop computer and still have space to include other small items like a wallet or phone. Great for when those dorm parties happen and any number of strangers come waltzing through your place.
If you’ve moved past your collegiate days but still need a level of security for your valued possessions, there are drawer safes that can offer as much protection as a conventional safe but does not attract as much attention. And if you have the money there are numerous custom safes to protect virtually anything that you want protected.