Volkswagen is known for being the top car manufacturer in both Europe and Germany. While not typically considered a luxury vehicle brand, they do have some higher end models that can cost anywhere upwards of $35,000. With a price like that, it should stand to reason they have installed a security system designed to deter vehicle theft. Volkswagen has 3 cars in the top 10 best sellers of all time, making them one of the most popular brands to date.

Volkswagen’s basic key

Volkswagen’s basic key is the most common in vehicles older than 1998. These keys offer little in the way of protection when it comes to key duplication, but are cheaper to create than their more sophisticated key waves. These keys are cut on both sides from the wafers inside your ignition or door lock, and can typically be made with 45 minutes or so on the spot. Our locksmiths are completely mobile and can cut a Volkswagen car key replacement anytime of the day.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys didn’t start showing up in their models until around 1999. They quickly became the most popular choice for newer models as they offer better protection from unauthorized duplication of keys. These types of keys are cut the same as a basic key but are required to be programmed with your car’s computer in order to disengage the immobilizer and allow your vehicle to start. If the code inside the key does not match what is in the computer, the kill switch will lock and your ignition will not be able to be turned.

Laser cut keys

High security, or laser cut keys, became standard in almost all of their models from 2000-2006. This type of key is cut to a “snake” or a “dimple” pattern depending on the model, and this type of cut can not be easily replicated as it is unique for each vehicle. These types of keys also implement the transponder system and need to be programmed with a special machine in order to work properly with your vehicle. Models after 2006 are produced using a dealer only FOB system. This system prevents anyone but the Volkswagen dealership from creating a key for your vehicle.

Whether you have a basic, transponder, or laser cut key, give us a call! We can cut any Volkswagen car key replacement on the spot and program them for you in no time.

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volkswagen car key replacement
volkswagen car key replacement