Almost everyone knows that

Almost everyone knows that Volvo is one of the safest car manufacturers in the world, but what most don’t know is that the way their keys are produced makes them one of the most secure cars as well. Volvo uses a 4 track key cut for most of their models, which differs from the traditional 8-10 cut key. To gain an appreciation for the number of key codes that can be produced with such a system, it is viable to note that only 2 of the tracks are distinct. This gives the probability of cutting the same key at 1 : 65,536.

Basics about keys

Basic keys were used in most Volvo models prior to 1994. This key is cut on either side and does not require programming. While not very common, there are still certain models that use this type of key including the GL, 740, and 244. Our locksmiths are experts at Volvo car key replacements and can cut it on the spot, usually within an hour or less. These types of keys are typically all metal and have 8 cuts on either side of the key.

Most commonly used in vehicles

4 track transponder keys are the most commonly used in vehicles after 1995. As we said before, this system of using only 4 tracks makes it almost impossible to have the same key as someone else, regardless if you have the exact same model and year of vehicle. These keys need to be programmed with your vehicles computer in order to disengage the immobilizer and allow your vehicle to start. These keys are shorter than a typical key, and will take a bit longer to cut and program than a basic key would.

The new Volvo’s models:

All newer Volvo’s use a dealer only FOB key system. This is the highest security key available on the market, and can only be cut and programmed by the Volvo dealership. This style of security guarantees that your key can not be duplicated by an unauthorized party, and ensures that the key you have is completely unique to your vehicle.

All of our expert Volvo car key replacement locksmiths are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our services are available 24 hours  a day, 7 days a week and we can cut both basic and transponder keys on the spot.

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